An Outdoorsman's Journal


                                                                              Bachelor Party on the Wisconsin River

Hello friends,

Back in May my stepson Joey Dushek told me that his bachelor party was going to be a canoe trip on the Wisconsin River, and that it would be on July 13th and that he thought we would start paddling at Portage and camp out on sand bar.

That is what we did, and now you can read the details of a very fun adventure for 18 men!

Saturday, July 13th

High 86, low 58

We met at Tamarac Pizza in Portage which is right on the river, and a place that I worked 40-hours per week my senior year at Poynette High School. Before we started our adventure we had pizza and “refreshments” in Tamarac and let me tell you, I was going down memory lane all the way back to 1979.

Our canoe trip would not be very long and that is because most islands and sand bars are underwater on this stretch of the Wisconsin River. Last night Trent Schuster, Travis Dushek, and Pat Lindemann did an excellent reconnaissance trip and found a sand bar that had the potential for excellent fishing and swimming.

Pat and Travis spent the night and caught a couple of ten-pound catfish a 16-inch walleye and about 2:00 in the morning “Pat who fishes all night long Lindemann,” caught a beautiful musky in the low 40-inch range.

Joey and his fiancee Ashley Potter have chosen a unique wedding format as they are having no wedding party and are getting married in a forest. After the wedding there will be a very large, shing ding.

Joey has always loved this stretch of the Wisconsin and I thought that it was really cool that he chose this part of the river and this format for his bachelor party.

In all honesty we only paddled about two miles before we arrived at our sand bar and let me tell you the mood was electric. Eighteen men from both Joey’s past and his new family, well aware that they had zero responsibilities for 24-hours.

We set up tents, laughed a lot, some of us put out lines rigged with either crawlers or cut bait which in this case was sheephead fillets, and we soaked our body’s in the Wisconsin River.

We all get along really well and all of us have a solid desire to hunt, fish and camp. What was really cool is that there were four adults over 55 that all had a solid part in watching the majority of these kids grow up.

My brother Mike and brother in law Dick Schuster were extremely dedicated to sitting on lawn chairs and trying to catch a fish. At that time the rest of us were playing frisbee and throwing a football on the sandbar. Once again I realized that I really suck at both the throwing and catching part of this game.

I did make about 20, heroic “stupid” dives, falls, and let me tell you the next two days I felt like I was run over by a bulldozer.

While we were having fun in the sand Dick hooked into a good fish and I could tell by the look on Mike’s face that it was a dandy. There was a diving lunge with the net in which the roughly 40-inch northern pike swam through it, a redo and then lots of hoots and hollars when Dick’s trophy was landed.

We had no intention of keeping the gator and after a quick group picture let her go. What is really something is that about 4:30 in the morning “Pat who fishes all night Lindemann,” caught another gator in the same size range.

After dark there was a big campfire, some All Star wrestling which I am now retired from, and the evening was simply a blast. Twice I heard Joey say “this is perfect” and in reality why don’t more men have this kind of bachelor party, or if not on the water how about in the woods?

The nest morning we were all hurting and we strung our canoes together and Riley Schuster towed the whole works off of us down to Hookers Resort where we had an excellent breakfast, packed our trucks and said goodbye.

If that ain’t fun, I don’t know what is! Sunset