An Outdoorsman's Journal

                                                                                               Bluegills in Paradise

Hello friends,

Last week my daughter Selina graduated from high school and after two months of hard work preparing, Selina and I held one heck of an all weekend bash with folks coming from Anchorage, Phoenix, Baton Rouge, Red Lake, Ontario and all over the upper midwest.

Due to running like a hound my behind is dragging big time and this week I did some simple canoe camping and bluegill fishing trip in Barron and Polk Counties.

Many of the gills were trophy class, the campfire time was what the doctor ordered and I am thinking seriously about moving to this part of Wisconsin someday.

Friday, May 31st

High 90, low 46

I am driving up highway 53 with a canoe on top of an enclosed trailer, headed for paradise and I have to tell you I am one tired puppy.

I arrive at a very quiet, hike in camping site on a beautiful lake that I have camped on before and not only am I tired but I realize that after 30-years of living this way of life I have for the first time, forgotten my sleeping bag.

Very close to my tent, is a nest high up in a white pine that contains baby bald eagles and every time mama or papa fly’s in with a fish there is a lot of “feed me” screaming.

About 5:00 p.m. my buddy Paul Bucher arrives at camp by boat and he laughs about my sleeping bag predicament, which in reality I did not care about.

Paul and Sarah Bucher own the Cumberland Advocate, Paul was at Selina’s shing ding and this weekend we are going to slay gills.

It is very hot, my truck says 90, but about 7:00 the wind switched to the north and it actually became cold, meaning long pants instead of shorts.

We fished and the gills were hungry but small. We made an executive decision to sit by the campfire and it was a lot of fun.

Saturday, June 1st

High 73, low 44

Today we headed over to Polk County and fished out of Paul’s 18-foot Lund. Paul Bucher is one of those guys that basically has to fish twice a week. Because Paul fishes twice a week he is very good at it, and today we had a world class kind of a day, with big gills and as many as a person wanted to catch.

As everyone that walks this planet knows, a lot of fishermen exaggerate the size of the fish that they catch. I do not and neither does Paul Bucher. Today while we watched an adult beaver swim with its baby on its back we caught several bluegill over 9.5 inches and at least three that hit the 10-inch mark.

The big gills were in about a foot of water. If you went deeper all you caught was small ones. We had challenges as the beaver had a lot of brush in the water and when you got a pigasauras on it headed for the brush.

We tried to let all of the females go and simply had a great day with the biggest size average for bluegill of my life.

Sunday, June 2nd

High 67, low 42

There is a dog that lives across the lake that barks about every 40-seconds. It does this all night, every night and it got be very annoying.

Today I would be fishing alone and I headed over to Polk County and fished out of my canoe for big gills. The ten degree drop in the air temp slowed down the bite big time but I loved every minute of the day.

I cracked ten-inches with a tape measure more than once and fished all day because I am addicted to fishing and the outdoors.

The old Chevy made it home right at dark and it’s master was very happy and very sleepy!

Live till ya die! Sunset